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masterDCF indicator in the middle between h and mMax Christian Pohle23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-06-18DCF indicator in the middle between h and mHEADmasterMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-18Added seconds with 1 bit missingMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Indicator labels for the timeMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Added photograph of the first pcb-versionMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Fixed newline issue in readmeMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Another commit hook testMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Updated readme and tried new commit hookMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Add 'software/' from commit 'e2b37ffacd2b3e76fd849fc046466568d5ac0779'Max Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Removed unrelated graphic files from the schematic folderMax Christian Pohle
2017-06-05Restructured directory to get everything togetherMax Christian Pohle