BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainminor improvementsMax Christian Pohle8 months
masterReplaced Tahoma font with standard Sans-SerifMax Christian Pohle3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-18Replaced Tahoma font with standard Sans-SerifHEADmasterMax Christian Pohle
2021-01-18Use a bright colortheme for gvimMax Christian Pohle
2021-01-18Added as default makeprg for C `make <thisfile>`Max Christian Pohle
2021-01-18Removed karlmarks, made it a plugin and readded itMax Christian Pohle
2020-09-11made parent indentation specific to CMax Christian Pohle
2020-09-10made jedi.vim start automaticallyMax Christian Pohle
2020-09-10Updated submodulesMax Christian Pohle
2020-09-10Version bumpMax Christian Pohle
2020-07-17Replaced max-splash with vim-recently-used pluginMax Christian Pohle
2020-07-16Improved statusline, color for root userMax Christian Pohle