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mainremoved treesitter/ breaks indentationMax Christian Pohle4 weeks
masterReplaced Tahoma font with standard Sans-SerifMax Christian Pohle3 years
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2024-06-19removed treesitter/ breaks indentationHEADmainMax Christian Pohle
2024-05-12rewrote the vim cheat sheet part to markdownMax Christian Pohle
2024-05-12second attempt to make the README.md look goodMax Christian Pohle
2024-05-12attempt to make the README look betterMax Christian Pohle
2024-05-12tidied this repo up and uploaded my new nvim from scratch configMax Christian Pohle
2023-10-23fixed: find-shell scriptMax Christian Pohle
2023-10-21Improved code folding, because tree-sitter broke itMax Christian Pohle
2023-10-20Final housekeeping roundMax Christian Pohle
2023-10-20Furter house keepingMax Christian Pohle
2023-10-20Added the branchvv alias to git.txtMax Christian Pohle